Which special promotions do you have?

We have Tuesday Promotion, Garage Sale, Daily Deal and Bargain Yarns.

What is the 'Shop by' tap, and what are 'filters'?

Under shop by tab, you can view filters of our items. You can filter the item you are looking for by just clicking the type you want. We ahve pretty much filter options, and we are sure it will not take time to find just the correct item you are lookign for.

Do you sell knitting needles and accessories?

Yes, you can find needles and accessories either from from categories tab.

How can I add an item to my cart?

You can add any item to your cart and check out from either the item’s page or from the lists.

Do you sell single skeins?

No. We can only sell items as packages (lots).

Shipping seems high, why?

Shippping seems high for two reasons.
1. The prices are low, and shipping seems high.
2. Items come from Turkey. If you check any shipping rates from your country to Turkey, you will also agree with us that the shipping costs are more than reasonable.

How can I change the amount of an item I have added to my cart?

You can either do that at item pages, or at checkout process.

Which countries do you sell?

We sell worldwide. 

How can I make payment for my order?

You can make payment with credit card, PayPal, Western Union, or bank / wire transfer. You can see all payment methods on checkout page.